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Valet Pro Beading Marvellous Wax

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Valet Pro - Beading Marvellous

This is Valet Pro's latest wax and it's 'beading marvellous'!. Hand crafted in the UK from cosmetic grade ingredients this wax does absolutely everything you'd want from a car wax and more. As soon as you open the pot of Valet Pro Beading Marvellous, it smells fantastic with no chemical aromas. To the touch this is a very buttery wax, which is extremely easy to apply. A simple swipe of the foam wax applicator (included for free) is enough to load the pad and it spreads beautifully on the paint.

Simply allow to cure for about 5 minutes and simply buff off, enhancing both the shine and gloss of your

  • Extremely easy to use
  • Smells fantastic
  • Enhancing Gloss and Shine of Paintwork.
  • Protect Paintwork and reduce dirt build up.

Product Brand: Valet Pro
Product Code: 116773
Our Price: £25.00