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Tech 0111 Heavy Duty TFR & Degreaser

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Very heavy duty duty Traffic Film Remover, Degreaser and Sanitiser.

Special preparation also makes it suitable for cleaning and sanitising in places where the ability to deal with fat and blood residues and reliable sanitising are of paramount importance.

Tech 0111 is suitable for washing any surface which will stand alkaline cleaning, e.g. walls, floors, tiles, benches, stainless steel, plastics, laminates, etc. Soils removed include fats, proteins, food residues, grease, oil, atmospheric film and traffic film etc.

These products are very powerful alkaline cleaning preparations which contain a quaternary ammonium bactericide effective against Pseudomonas Aeruginosa (generally accepted as being a difficult test organism). The bactericide used is also effective against yeasts (e.g. Candida Albicans) and fungi (e.g. Pusarium Soloni).

Use a 2.5% solution in water. Pressure cleaning apparatus, suitable for alkaline solution, may be used. Hot water makes the solution more effective for dealing with road/workshop greases, congealed fats and similar deposits.

Contact with alkali sensitive metals such as aluminium should be minimised where possible. Stainless steel is the preferred metal for food apparatus and is well suited to alkaline cleaning. Cleaned surfaces should be well rinsed with clean water immediately after treatment.

Equipment should also be rinsed out with clean water soon after use.

Product Brand: Sterling Products
Product Code: 115443
RRP: £99.00
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