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Super Sleek (Tyre, Rubber and Plastic Dressing)

Super Sleek (Tyre, Rubber and Plastic Dressing)

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An ultra long life, solvent rubber dressing ideally suited to new and used tyres. It restores and enhances the appearance of tyres and other rubber surfaces and dries quickly to leave a very long lasting gloss finish.


Ideal for use on a pitch or externally stored vehicles. This product is used in car dealerships and carwashes nationwide. Extremely easy to use and highly economical, for best results make sure the tyre is thoroughly cleaned and dried and then simply paint onto tyre surface and allow to dry. Use a cloth to wipe away any excess that may drip onto your alloy. A second coat may be required if the tyre has not been coated previously or is very old.


We get a lot of good feedback from our customers about Super Sleek, many of which have tried most of the leading brands.


Not suitable for rubber mats or pedal covers as it may make them slippery. This product is not suitable for use within bodyshops as it contains silicone. We also do a quality non-silicone version of this product called Sleek.


Directions: Make sure tyre is clean and dry. Paint or spray onto tyre wall. Use a cloth to wipe away any excess. Allow to dry.

Product Brand: Sterling Products
Product Code: 102157
RRP: £39.46
Our Price: £29.50