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Sterling Quick Detailer SpraynShine

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Sterling Quick-Detailer Spray'n'Shine is a revolutionarytop-gloss shine treatment, simply spray on, wipe overthat'sit! You won't be disappointed! Produces a longlasting high gloss high beading finish.

Fantastic just polished smoothness as a PDI preparation or for anenhanced Service Wash Refinish. Also great results onshower glass and tiles in washrooms, reduces cleaning,scaling and soap scum build-up. Suitable for use onvinyls & plastics.

1. Spray on Quick Detailer sparingly to one panel at a timeto pre-washed vehicle, no need to dry first.
2. Wipe over with a microfibre clothuntil the solution disappears.
3. Buff to a high shine with a second cloth.
4. That's it- do nothing- step back and admire the shiny car.

Note: Avoid spray onwindscreens or windows as filming may occur if unevenly applied, but doesproduce a rain-repellanr finish. To remove "shading" simply clean with a glass cleaner.

Product Brand: Sterling Products
Product Code: 117809
RRP: £26.00
Our Price: £22.00