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Screenwash Apple & Cranberry Scented

Screenwash Apple & Cranberry Scented

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Our concentrated Screen Wash offers extremely powerful cleaning action removing bugs, insects and grime without any smearing.

This product is very cost effective with up to a 1:10 mixture ratio. You can also use this product as an effective de-icer when used neat, simply pour or spray onto ice, wait for the ice to liquify and then brush or wipe 

Dilution ratios are as 

  • Summer Use:                             Dilute 1 part screen wash to 10 parts water.
  • Winter Use:                                 Dilute 1 part screen wash to 3 parts water.
  • Extreme Winter Conditions:     Use neat. De-Icer: Use neat
Product Brand: Sterling Products
Product Code: 102031
RRP: £5.62
Our Price: £4.22