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RM 110 ASF Water Softner ( Karcher )

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Prevents limescale deposits in hot water high-pressurecleaners. The new formula offers improved protectionagainst the build-up of limescale in heater coil systems(up to 150 °C) as well as integral corrosion protection forall HDS machine components that come into contact with water.

Easy-to-separate, used on stains containing grease and mineral oil. Properties With integrated corrosion protection for all components in contact with water. Protection against heater coil corrosion with very soft water. With pump care additives for continuous lubrication and care of thehigh-pressure pump.  Rapidly separates oil/water in the oil separator (easy to separate)

Effectively prevents limescale deposits in hot water high-pressure cleaners. Free of phosphates, NTA free.
Product Brand: Karcher
Product Code: 117144
RRP: £12.95
Our Price: £10.50