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RD 400 (Tyre, Rubber and Plastic Dressing)

RD 400 (Tyre, Rubber and Plastic Dressing)

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Hi quality long lasting silicone based rubber and vinyl cleaner and dressing. Ideal for for all types of PVC, Rubber, Tyres, Bumpers, Mud Flaps 

  • An extremely high quality gloss tyre dressing.
  • Recommended for use in showrooms.
  • Pleasant bubblegum perfume.
  • Ideal to be used on slightly wet tyres (non volatile silicone, can be used in body-shops with care) or on dry tyres.

A solvent based treatment for the renovation of all rubber surfaces.  This product restores tyres, mudflaps, rubber mats etc. to a new appearance. Can cause slipperiness if used on internal car mats and 

Apply with a brush or hand sprayer.  Wipe off excess and allow to dry.
(Not recommended for body-shop environment but can be used with great care ie do not use through hand or pump sprayers, only paint on using a brush and preferably 

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Sleek                                                   Non-silicone, Solvent based, Satin Gloss Finish
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Product Brand: Sterling Products
Product Code: 113413
RRP: £40.14
Our Price: £30.00