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Panel Wipe ( Degreaser ) Premium Grade

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Excellent premium grade degreaser, use prior to painting, applying stickers, vinyl etc. Preparation solvent for automotive refinishing.

Tetrosyl panel wipe is a preparation solvent for cleaning vehicle panels prior to commencing work.
Removes surface contamination, oil, grease, waxes, flatting residues, traffic film, insect marks bird lime and finger marks.
Reduces risk of silicone contamination.
Improves adhesion, durability and the quality of the refinishing system.
Recommended also for removing tar spots and for thoroughly cleaning prior to wax polishing.

1. Soak a clean cloth in Panel Wipe
2. Wipe one Panel at a time - Stubborn marks may require further applications
3. Dry each panel with a clean, dry cloth before starting work on the next panel.

Do not allow panel wipe to dry naturally on surface as this may concentrate impurities when the solution evaporates.

Product Brand: Sterling Products
Product Code: 101786
RRP: £34.80
Our Price: £26.10