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Microfibre ( Royal Blue - Lush/ Plush ) 500gsm

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Size: 40x40 cm. Colour: Royal Blue. Weight: 500gsm. Contains: 70% polyester 30% polyamide. Ultra fine microfibre, 0.13 denier.
This is a high quality cloth used predominately for polish application and removal. The thick 500GSM pile makes removing substances light work from any surfaces, this cloth also has a high dust retention and water absorbency due to the thick pile. The pile is thicker on one side than the other, this makes this cloth perfect for polish application and removal as you can use each side for a different purpose. This is also a useful cloth to have around the house, for extremely dusty or soiled areas. You can also use these to buff or dry any surface.
Product Brand: Sterling Products
Product Code: 117319
RRP: £6.50
Our Price: £5.75