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Meguiars Ultimate Compound Color & Clarity Restorer

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Meguiars Ultimate Compound

New abrasive technology quickly removes stubborn oxidation, stains, bird dropping blemishes and other sub-surface defects while polishing the surface to a mirror finish. Unlike traditional rubbing and polishing compounds that scour the surface, the new clear coat safe micro-abrasives produce an amazingly clear finish that is free from scratches, hazing and swirls.

Whether working by hand or with a polisher, Ultimate Compound is the perfect choice to prepare your paints surface ready for waxing/polishing.  

Safely removes paint defects such as oxidation, scratches, water spots and blemishes.
Dramatically reduces the time and effort required to restore a neglected paint finish.


Product Brand: Meguiars
Product Code: 116591
Our Price: £14.50