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Lister Hogs Hair Wash Brush 9cm (Genuine)

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Forecourt jetwash Brush

Specially designed and manufactured for use with forecourt washing equipment, the extra length super soft hog hair bristle is set into a unique epoxy resin base within the moulded rubber head. This eliminates the traditional wire staples and retains the bristle firmly in place when used with high pressure systems. The moulded head is made from finest quality neoprene rubber which is resistant to attack from both oil and chemical based cleaning agents.

It is very important that before using your brush, the body work of the vehicle has been rinsed with clean water to remove any road grits or other contaminants.

Always rinse out the bristles in clean water after use.
Never stand or lean the brush on its bristles.

Hang up the brush after use and allow the bristles to dry naturally.
Harsh use and treatment of the brush will reduce its effective life span.
Product Brand: Lister
Product Code: 115009
Our Price: £75.00