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Flying Insect Killer Spray Aerosol

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Instecticide for professional use for the control of flies, wasps, mosquitoes and other flying insects in public hygiene situations. Instant atomisation for rapid knockdown of flies and wasps. Effective killing power for all flying insects. Selkil is safe for offices, industry, institutions and kitchens when used as directed. Ozone friendly.

Rapid and effective killing of flying insects including flies, wasps and mosquitos. For all airborne insects. Safe for use in food preparation/storage areas.

Rate of usage: A one second spray will treat 20 cubic metres.


  • Shake well before each spraying.
  • Close all windows and doors and spray into air in all directions, 3-5 seconds is enough for the average room.
  • Leave 5-10 minutes before reopening doors and windows to ensure total effectiveness.


Approved under the control of pesticides regulations 1986. Registration No. HSE 4828. Safe near foodstuffs.

Product Brand: Selden
Product Code: 106511
RRP: £8.00
Our Price: £5.75