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Standard Web Order Deliveries

For all orders placed through the Shopping Cart our normal delivery is currently with APC. Click on the APC logo below to see the APC delivery services.

For the most cost effective delivery, we use Next Day Service. Additional other services are available eg Saturday delivery (in some areas) or Guaranteed Delivery By A Certain Time, but you will need to phone us as some of these carry an additional premium. For more information please get in touch.

Your Web Order

When you place your Order, you will receive an email confirmation that we have received it. 

Then as we process your order through the warehouse you will receive a further email to confirm we are working on it.

And finally, once it has been dispatched, you will receive confirmation that it is on it's way.

If you require more information, we can provide details of the appropriate Tracking/Consignment Number. You can then track it's progress via the APC website.

Where orders may require two or more parcels/packages, they will share the same tracking/consignment number. Occasionally the parcels may end up on different delivery trucks/vans so they may be delivered at separate times - keep following the information provided on the APC website.

Sterling Products Delivery Service

For our regular customers and for anybody who can fit in with our dedicated Sterling Delivery Service then we may be able to offer Free Delivery. But... you will need to phone us to place your order.

Because the Shopping Cart is an automated process, it will add delivery which is based on your UK Post Code and the weight and size of the order.

We operate our own delivery vans with our own employed staff, who can help you with any queries or handle payments and returns if applicable. We deliver across almost the whole of the UK on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis.

Since many of our products are liquid and and quite heavy, the savings can be significant. So unless your order is an emergency which you desperately require Next Day, give us a ring to see if you can save any delivery charges.

Heavy Deliveries

Very heavy deliveries eg 200 Litre Barrels or large numbers of 25 Litre Containers, may be more cost effective to send by Pallet Delivery. We have access to some exceptional rates and delivery can be from Next Day to Lower Cost 3 Day Service.

Alternatively, we can deliver these bigger/heavier orders via our own Sterling Delivery Service (see above). So please phone us to see if we can help.


When arranging returns, we currently do not accept under any circumstances what so ever, any return by UK Mail. Goods returned by this carrier will not be accepted for credit. Unfortunately this is due to operational issues with UK Mail.