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Chemzie Odour Eliminator + The Bold 5ml

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About Chemzie
No more horrendous vehicle odours! Chemzie eliminates almost all vehicle odours within 8 hours. It is suitable for both fabric, leather and plastic interiors. 

For The Best Results
For a successful treatment always thoroughly clean the vehicle beforehand. Our Interior Leather and Fabric Cleaners which are available to purchase on our store are designed to remove deep-seated dirt and physical residue. These pre-treatment cleaners will also help to remove the physical odour source prior to using Chemzie. 

How To Use Chemzie
Simply mix the two components together to activate and place the solution in your vehicle for 8 hours. The solution will emit a dry chlorine dioxide gas which destroys odours within your vehicle. After 8 hours, the gas will have eliminated all vehicle odours. Chemzie leaves no harmful residue and no dangerous by-products.

How To Use Chemzie
Simply mix powder jar A into B, put the lid on and shake thoroughly, add 60ml of cold water to activate and place the solution in your vehicle for 8 hours. If you're still unsure see the video guide. The solution will then emit a gas which destroys viruses and bacteria within your vehicle. Operate the heater fan and the air conditioning unit during treatment. After 8 hours, open the vehicle doors and let the gas dissipate before removing the Chemzie jar. Chemzie leaves no harmful residue and no dangerous by-products.

You must stay out of the vehicle during the treatment period.

What Will My Car Smell Like After Using Chemzie?
You will notice a faint background chlorine-type, post-treatment smell which will dissipate naturally in a few days and leave your vehicle smelling neutral. This smell is not harmful and your car can be used as normal. 

This kit is supplied with a The Bold odour spritzer.

Alternatively you can use our Sterling Blast aerosols to re-fragrance the car or our liquid re-odourisers.

Product Brand: Sterling Products
Product Code: 120483
Our Price: £22.00