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Blue Wonder Wheel Cleaner (Non-acid)

Blue Wonder Wheel Cleaner (Non-acid)

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Blue Wonder is a new and effective non-acidic caustic wheel cleaner for alloy wheels but works equally as well on stainless steel, steel and genuine chrome wheels. This product will not harm the protective lacquer coat on your alloys. The deep and powerful cleaning action will lift brake dust, traffic film and heavy grime making for easy cleaning of even the most soiled wheels. Slight agitation with a brush, sponge or cloth may be required with heavy soiling.

Excellent alloy brightener when used in conjunction with the Ph-neutral "Purple" - removes the yellow staining that those cleaners do not clean and leaves your wheels gleaming.

Simply spray onto the wheel using a pump sprayer or hand sprayer, allow to dwell for a couple of minutes then swill or jet-off off with a pressure washer or hose. This product can also be used to clean painted brake calipers. Do not allow the product to dry on the wheels, paintwork or silver window trims as this may cause staining. Shorter dwell times may be required in warmer weather.

Product Brand: Sterling Products
Product Code: 118257
RRP: £78.04
Our Price: £58.50