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Barrier Cream

Barrier Cream

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• Highly effective and easy to use giving protection against cutting fluid, oils, grease, aqueous detergents and cleaning fluids.
• Ideal for both wet and dry applications. 
• Protects skin and helps prevent dermatitis.
• The concentrated formulation works out to be very economical, and is silicone free.

Colour :  Pink

BARRIER CREAM dries quickly to a protective film. Containing a unique blend  of skin emollients and conditioners.
BARRIER CREAM conditions and replenishes the skin.
Medicated with IRGAN DP 300tm and is designed so that it is also a pleasant to use replenishing cream.

Shake well before use. Dispense a small quantity onto clean hands before starting work. Rub into your skin covering all exposed areas, even under fingernails. If hands are rough or chapped, re - apply.


Product Brand: Sterling Products
Product Code: 102983
RRP: £6.92
Our Price: £5.20