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Aztec Graffiti Remover Aerosol D

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Ideal for use on concrete, brick, metal. Full Power Graffiti Remover for porous surfaces which removes spray paint on the first pass, removing the need for harsh anti-ghosting products.

Full Power breaks the graffiti up without dissolving it. This prevents the graffiti from soaking into the wall. The broken up flakes of paint are then easily removed with a pressure washer without leaving any ghosting.

State of the art formulation removes leather dyes, inks, stains and waxes, the new graffiti markers of choice. Full Power is not suitable for use on solvent sensitive surfaces such as plastics and polycarbonates.


  • Spray product evenly across graffiti. The product will adhere to the graffiti, and break up the film so that it will wash off the surface. There is no traditional solvent action so the gel will not dry out.
  • Contact time of up to 1 hour can be expected though less aged graffiti will remove much quicker.
  • Scrub briefly with a stiff brush prior to removing with a pressure washer.
  • On non-porous surfaces , such as metal, the graffiti can be scraped or wiped off with a paper towel.

Product Brand: Azpro
Product Code: 113483
Our Price: £5.00