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Azpro Maintenance Spray Aerosol - with PTFE

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Azpro Super Maintenance is a unique blend of solvents which have been combined to give a high quality maintenance spray for use on industrial and automotive equipment. It will guard against rust and leaves a residual protective film which contains powerful corrosion inhibitors, ideal for use on tools and machinery,will damp start engines driving out unwanted moisture from electrical parts, leaving an insulating film which guards against further water penetration.

Azpro Super Maintenance has long lasting lubrication properties which will quickly free seized and rusted components, even penetrating intricate mechanisms. Once evaporated, Release will leave behind a protective shield of P.T.F.E on all rotating or sliding surfaces which will not drip or attract dust.


If using this product as a penetrant or de-watering agent, spray from a distance of 20-30cm onto surface, leave for a moment before continuing work If using as a protective coating, spray onto surface and allow to dry to give a protective film

Pressurised container Protect from sunlight Do not expose to temperatures exceeding 50 degrees celsius Do not pierce or burn even after use Do not spray onto a naked flame or any incandescent material

Product Brand: Azpro
Product Code: 102346
Our Price: £4.95