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Astonish - Spray n Shine Quick Detailer 750ml

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Quick Detailing Spray

Spray on and buff off with a micro fibre cloth for a high shine with amazing water beading properties.

Removes dead flies and cleans as long as surfaces are not too dirty. For dirtier surfaces use in conjunction with a suitable cleaner e.g. a Traffic Film Remover or Shampoo / Wash & Wax

We have extensively tested this product ourselves and are amazed by the long lasting shine and beading qualities it possesses, it does not mark glass work, plastics or rubbers. Ideal for new cars, pitch vehicles, showroom vehicles, marble floors, vehicle interior surfaces.

Ideal for use with clay bars, lubricates and leaves a glossy finish. 

We tested head to head against Meguiars Quick Detailer at several premium dealerships and nobody could tell the difference (Apart from the perfume).

A fantastic product at a fraction of the price of the famous leading brand.

Product Brand: Astonish
Product Code: 115744
Our Price: £3.45