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6in Adv G-Mop Polishing Foam (2-pack) Black (Picture Below)

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Features and Benefits:

  • Fine cutting action and gloss enhancement;
  • Suitable for use on most paint systems, gelcoats and other composite materials;
  • Multi-layer foam provides greater durability;
  • Profiles in the foam allow air to flow over the surface area, providing a high gloss finish in the shortest time;
  • Recess in foam allows the back plate to be easily centred and safeguards against accidental surface damage.

For use with: G10 Extra Fine Grade Liquid and/or Gold Top Machine Glaze.
For use on: Original paintwork; Refinish paint; GRP and composite surfaces; Acrylic surfaces; Furniture coatings.

Product Brand: Farecla
Product Code: 113168
Our Price: £22.80