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3M Yellow Polishing Pads PK 2 M50488 (Picture Below)

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 3M™ Perfect-It™ III Polishing Pad Yellow (50488) - for Extra Fine Compound, 2 Pad Pack.
Features and Benefits:
  • Long lasting waffle foam.
  • Easily attached to 3M back-up pads.
  • Suitable for use with a machine polisher and extra fine compound 80349.
  • 2 pads per pack.

This pad has been designed to remove light scratches, swirl marks and defects from both refinished and original paintwork. For the most desirable results, it is recommended for use with a machine polisher and 3M Perfect-It™ III Extra Fine Compound 80349. 

3M Perfect-It™ III Polishing Pads for Extra Fine Compound are easily attached to 3M Back Up Pads with a hook and loop system. The long lasting foam ensures that they can be used time and time again, delivering excellent value for money. Big enough to carry out any compounding work quickly and efficiently, they are also small enough to store safely as part of a kit, in toolboxes or in the workshop. 

Available in packs of 2, these pads are part of our range of award-winning, colour-coded compounds and polishes. Designed to make product selection quick and easy, any products that have a yellow bottle cap are recommended for use with yellow compounding pads. This system also ensures that the most effective results are achieved, leaving vehicles free from scratches and swirl marks.

Product Brand: 3M
Product Code: 115625
Our Price: £24.00