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3M Fast Cut Plus Extreme 51815 (Green Top)

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3M Perfect-it™ Fast Cut Plus Compound

 A fast-acting liquid abrasive that removes scratches and achieves a high quality finish.

  • Fast acting with a quality finish.
  • Removes scratches from refinished or original paintwork.
  • Minimal sling.
  • Absence of powder residue.
  • Easy to use, with or without water.

For use on any fresh or aged automotive paints or aged automotive paint to restore finish after removal of defects. Use an electric or air driven polisher equipped with a compounding pad.


  • Shake bottle before use
  • Apply sufficient compound to the paint surface to work the flatted area. When starting with a dry compounding pad also apply compound direct to the pad to wet the surface.
  • Place the pad over the compound and start the machine.
  • Compound using medium pressure and reapply until the scratches are removed.
  • Reduce pressure as the compound begins to dry. Spur the pad as necessary to assist the clean up. Clean up using a microfibre cloth.
  • Any compounding swirl marks can be removed with a high gloss polishing pad.

 Note : any excess compound on plastics, rubbers or adjacent panels should be removed using a damp cloth.


Product Brand: 3M
Product Code: 114904
Our Price: £44.00